Flamingo Reini Universal Unscented Cat & Dog Pet Wipes 40pcs

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Experience unparalleled cleanliness for your furry friend with our - Flamingo Reini Universal Unscented Cat & Dog Pet Wipes! Specially designed for dogs of all sizes, these wipes offer a swift and effortless cleaning solution. The neutral scent, coupled with the absence of parabens and alcohol, ensures a gentle and safe cleaning experience for your pet.

Crafted from a blend of polyester and viscose, these wipes are the epitome of convenience. They are perfect for tidying up your dog's coat, paws, and even their rear end. The resealable opening keeps the wipes fresh and ready for use anytime, anywhere.

Whether you have a playful puppy or a dignified senior dog, - Flamingo Reini Universal Unscented Cat & Dog Pet Wipes cater to pets of all ages. Suitable for both indoor and outdoor use, these wipes are versatile companions for your pet care routine.

Product Features:

- Material: Polyester and Viscose
- Neutral Scent for a Pleasant Cleaning Experience
- Cleans Coat, Paws, and Buttocks with Ease
- Resealable Opening for Lasting Freshness
- Free from Parabens and Alcohol
- Not Suitable for Eyes and Ears
- For All Ages and Breeds:
- The compact dimensions of 18cm length, 16cm width, and a mere 0.1cm thickness make them easy to carry, ensuring you're always ready for impromptu clean-up sessions.

Weather-Resistant and Water-Absorbing:
- Braving the elements, these wipes are both weather-resistant and water-absorbing. The durable design ensures they remain effective even in unexpected weather conditions, making them a reliable addition to your pet care arsenal.