Flamingo Reini Universal Unscented Extra Strong Cat & Dog Pet Wipes XL 40pcs

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Introducing our Flamingo PureGuard XL Pet Wipes, the epitome of pet hygiene in an extra-large, extra-strong form! Designed for dogs of all sizes, these grooming wipes provide a swift and efficient cleaning experience. Infused with a neutral scent, they tackle your dog's coat, paws, and rear end with ease.
Crafted from a durable blend of polyester and viscose, the extra-thick fabric ensures these wipes stand up to the challenge. Say goodbye to tearing issues, and enjoy the convenience of a resealable opening that preserves freshness for extended use.

Product Features:
- Material: Polyester and Viscose
- Neutral Scent for a Pleasant Cleaning Experience
- Cleans Coat, Paws, and Buttocks with Extra Strength
- Extra-Thick Fabric Prevents Tearing
- Resealable Opening for Lasting Freshness
- Free from Parabens and Alcohol
- Not Suitable for Eyes and Ears

Technical details/ Specifications:
- Versatile Care for All Breeds: Suitable for dogs of all sizes and ages, Flamingo PureGuard XL Pet Wipes redefine your pet care routine. Whether indoors or outdoors, these wipes are your go-to solution for maintaining your pet's cleanliness.
- XL Dimensions, XL Convenience: Measuring an impressive 30cm in length and 20cm in width, these XL wipes offer superior coverage. With a slender 0.1cm thickness, they remain easy to handle while delivering exceptional cleaning performance.
- Weather-Resistant and Water-Absorbing: Flamingo PureGuard XL Pet Wipes are not just strong; they are also weather-resistant and water-absorbing. Face unexpected weather conditions with confidence, knowing you have a reliable pet care companion by your side.