Flamingo Household Flea & Tick Stop Spray 800ml

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Say goodbye to unwelcome guests with the Flamingo Household Flea & Tick Stop Spray 800ml – your home's defence against fleas and ticks! Crafted with care, this spray is a potent yet safe solution to keep your living spaces free from pesky intruders.
Important Note: Before treating your entire space, conduct a patch test to avoid potential discolouration. While safe for your home, this product is not designed for use directly on your pets.
Defend your home effortlessly with Flamingo's Flea & Tick Stop Spray – because every space deserves to be pest-free!

Product Features:
- Active Ingredient: Powered by Dimethicone, an effective anti-parasite agent that immobilizes pests.
- Versatile Defence: Acts preventively against ticks, fleas, and mites, targeting all life stages.
- Insecticide-Free: Gentle on your home but tough on pests – contains no harmful insecticides.
- Safe Usage: Suitable for all ages, but designed for indoor use. Not intended for use on your furry companions.

Technical details/ Specifications:
- Model/Type: Flea & Tick Stop
- Suitable for: Cats and Dogs of all sizes and ages
- Use: Indoor
- Dispenser Type: Spray