Canagan Softies Grain-Free Quail Dog Treats 200g

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Indulge your canine companion with Canagan Softies Grain-Free Quail Dog Treats, specially crafted to provide a delectable and nutritious snack for your furry friend. Enriched with collagen for skin, coat, and nail health, and infused with oregano for immune support, these soft and meaty treats offer the perfect balance of flavour and wellness benefits.

Product Features:
• Enriched with collagen for skin, coat, and nail health
• Contains added oregano for immune support
• Completely natural ingredients
• High meat content for optimal nutrition
• Soft and meaty texture dogs love
• Grain-free recipe suitable for sensitive tummies
• Made with quail, peas, and chicken for a protein-packed snack
• Convenient 200g pack size

Technical Details/Specifications:
• Packaging: Recyclable bag
• Quail: Sourced for its lean protein content and amino acids, beneficial for immune health
• Peas: High in protein and anti-inflammatory lutein, beneficial for skin, heart, and eye health
• Liquid Vegetable Starch: Provides texture and binding properties
• Chicken: Adds flavor and additional protein
• Collagen: Essential for skin, coat, and nail health
• Oregano: Rich in antioxidants and vitamins for immune support and digestive health

• Store in a cool, dry place
• Ensure clean drinking water is always available
• Check the pack for best before and batch numbers

• Composition: Quail (30%), Peas, Liquid Vegetable Starch, Chicken (11%), Collagen (4%), Oregano (0.5%)
• Analytical Constituents: Crude Protein (31%), Crude Fat (6%), Crude Fibre (1.5%), Crude Ash (7.1%), Moisture (17%), Omega 6 (0.2%), Omega 3 (0.1%), Calcium (0.8%), Phosphorus (0.7%)
• Natural Preservatives: Citric Acid, DL-Malic Acid

Feeding Instructions:
• Offer as a complementary food for dogs
• Feed as a treat or reward for good behavior
• Monitor your dog's consumption and adjust their daily intake accordingly
• Recommended feeding guidelines: Small dogs (up to 10kg): 1-2 treats per day; Medium dogs (10-25kg): 2-4 treats per day; Large dogs (over 25kg): 4-6 treats per day