Beco Printed Bamboo Pet Bowl

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Introducing the Beco Printed Bamboo Pet Bowl Small – where elegance meets eco-friendliness, designed to complement your style and pamper your pet.
Choose the Beco Printed Bamboo Pet Bowl Small – where functionality, style, and sustainability converge for a delightful dining experience. Your pet will love the dinner served, and you'll love the bowl that serves it.

Product Features:

Chic and Contemporary:
Crafted for modern living, this bamboo food and water bowl seamlessly blends into your home's aesthetic. Its classic and simple design is elevated with captivating prints and patterns, making it an understated yet stylish addition to your pet's dining experience.

Sustainable Marvel:
We care for your pet and the planet. Made from 62% plant-based materials – bamboo powder, PLA resin, cornstarch, and bran coat/rice husks – this bowl is a testament to sustainability. Bamboo, a robust and fast-growing resource, absorbs an impressive 35 times more carbon than trees, while cornstarch and rice husks enhance strength and eco-friendliness.

Green Goodness with Melamine:
Adding to its durability is melamine, making this pet bowl a sturdy choice that stands the test of time. Your pet deserves the best, and our commitment to using eco-friendly materials ensures a safe and enjoyable dining experience.

Perfectly Sized:
The small size (S) has an external diameter of 15cm and a capacity of 0.8L, making it ideal for your furry friend's meals.

Technical details/ Specifications:

External Diameter/Capacity:
S - 15cm | Capacity - 0.8L
L - 18.5cm | Capacity - 1.65L

Keeping this bowl pristine is easy – wash it regularly in warm soapy water. And when it's time to say goodbye, dispose of it in the general waste, knowing you've made an eco-conscious choice.