sWheat Scoop Wheat & Corn Natural Cat Litter

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Maintaining a litter box just became simpler.
Nobody likes doing the kitten litter box maintenance. You will adore sWheat Scoop Easy Maintenance natural cat litter because of this. The high clumping power of wheat and the absorbent, dust-free qualities of corn are combined in the patented combination to create Wheat Scoop Easy Maintenance cat litter. Using a plant-based natural odour control mechanism, it maintains a fresh, wholesome aroma that is never overpowering. Additionally, tracking is negligible, and cleanup is simple due to how dust-free it is. In order to do the things you really want to do, you will have time.

Product Features:
- 100% Natural: No dyes, perfumes or chemicals
- Flushable*: 100% biodegradable for flushable clumps
- 99.5% Dust Free: No dust cloud to breathe in
- Odor Neutralizing Enzymes: Powerful odor control in every grain of wheat
- Enhanced Clumping: Natural starches provide fast clumping action and easy scooping
- Low Tracking: Keeps paw prints inside the litter box
- Made in the USA: Reliably sourced from farms in the United States
- Better for the Planet: What comes from the planet can go back with no harm

Technical details/ Specifications:

Simple to switch:
- 1-2-Done! Switching to sWheat Scoop is that easy.
- Start with a litter box that is fresh and empty. 3 inches of Wheat Scoop should be added, followed by 1 inch of your old brand.
- Use only 12 inch of your previous brand on top of the sWheatScoop the next time you refill the litter.
- That's all, then! 100% sWheat Scoop is ready for you and your pet.
Flush it slowly*
- Before flushing, abide with these guidelines.
- Daily litter box cleaning. It'll be appreciated by your cat.
- Just a few clumps at a time should be scooped into the toilet. Let them soak for 20 minutes to soften and dissolve.