Rosewood Naturals Meadow Menu Guinea Pig Food

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PRODUCT DESCRIPTION - Rosewood Naturals Meadow Menu Guinea Pig Treats 2 Kg


Rosewood Naturals Meadow Menu Guinea Pig Treats are grain-free and more in tune with nature, using only healthy, natural ingredients. It contains no salt, GM ingredients, sugar, or grains. 100 percent vegetarian; created from more than 40 meadow grasses, plants, vegetables, and healthy seeds; cold-pressed to maintain nutrients; fashioned into distinctive quad-shaped pieces to stop selective feeding; fiber-rich and intended to support tooth abrasion; and good digestive and general health.

Rosewood products from our very own selection of delectable goodies are created exclusively to keep canines happy and engaged. No matter the age, size, breed, or preference of the dog, we offer something for them, from the Natural Eats line of 100% meat to Magic Bone non-rawhide treats.


Product Features:

  • - Free of all cereals and natural
  • - From the German Wild Meadows
  • - Offers vital nutrients, including fiber, bioflavonoids, and vitamins; they are also quite palatable.
  • - No Sugar Added!
  • - It's a fantastic activity that keeps your pet engaged.