Hunter Meldal Dog Harness

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The Norwegian dog harness is getting more and more popular. This is no surprise, because, ultimately, it is extremely simple to put on: just pull it over your dog’s head, fasten it on the side, and your companion will be ready to go for walkies. The MELDAL dog harness will win you over with its light, breathable mesh material and its adjustable belly strap. The click fastener makes it easy to put on and take off.

L–XL 2,5 cm 72 – 90 cm 58 cm
M–L 2,5 cm 56 – 70 cm 46 cm
S–M 2,5 cm 50 – 60 cm 40 cm
S 2,0 cm 37 – 44 cm 35 cm
L 2,5 cm 64 – 82 cm 52 cm