Flamingo Topo Mouse Motif Kitten Harness & Leash Black 20-35cm 10mm

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Your kitten companion can go for a walk in safety and comfort with the Mouse Cat Harness! The durable polyamide-nylon fabric is abrasion- and tear-resistant, and it may be used in all weather. The harness may be simply adjusted, and it suits your cat's body perfectly.
The Flamingo Topo Mouse Motif Kitten Harness & Leash is a perfect blend of style and functionality for your feline explorer. Crafted with the highest quality nylon and featuring an adorable mouse print design, this harness and leash set is tailored for your cat's comfort and safety, ensuring they can enjoy outdoor adventures in style.
Improve your cat's outdoor experiences with the Flamingo Topo Mouse Motif Kitten Harness & Leash. It's not just a harness; it's a stylish statement and a symbol of your care for your feline companion.

Product Features:
- Perfect Fit: The Flamingo Topo Mouse Motif Kitten Harness & Leash is continuously adjustable, providing a snug and secure fit for cats with chest sizes ranging from 20 to 35cm. It's designed for comfort and freedom of movement, allowing your feline friend to explore with ease.
- Secure and Easy: The harness features a convenient click buckle, making it hassle-free to put on and take off. The leash is equipped with a durable carabiner, ensuring your cat stays securely attached during walks.
- Built to Last: We understand the importance of durability and safety. That's why this set includes chrome-plated metal parts for longevity and strength, providing you with peace of mind during every adventure.
- Stay Connected: The Flamingo Topo Mouse Motif Kitten Harness & Leash includes a ring to attach a leash securely. Now you can enjoy outdoor strolls and adventures with your beloved cat, knowing they are safe and under your watchful eye.

Technical details/ Specifications:
Type: Cat Harnesses & Leashes
Lifestage: Kitten