Flamingo Yummy Silicone Bone Grey Dog Lick Pad Large

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Treat your canine companion to a delightful dining experience with the Flamingo Yummy Silicone Bone Grey Dog Lick Pad – a perfect solution for stress-free and enjoyable feeding!
Features: Can be placed in the freezer, Food not included, Made of food-safe material, Reduces the risk of health problems, Reduces the risk of obesity, Slowfeed, With suction cups
Elevate your dog's dining experience with the Yummy Silicone Bone Lick Pad – because mealtime should be a joy for your furry friend!

Product Features:
- Material: Crafted from high-quality silicone, ensuring durability and safety for your pup.
- Versatile Usage: Ideal for wet food, snack paste, and snacks, providing a versatile dining option for your dog.
- Dishwasher Safe: Easy to clean, making mealtime prep and cleanup a breeze for pet owners.
- Non-Slip Design: Equipped with suction cups for secure attachment to any flat surface, preventing spills and mess.
- Prevents Gulping: A lick pad design encourages slower eating, reducing the risk of health problems and obesity.
- Freezer-Friendly: Can be safely placed in the freezer (up to minus 20°C), offering a refreshing twist to treat time.

Technical details/ Specifications:
- Suitable for: Snack paste, Snacks, Wet food
- Use: Indoor
- Color: Grey
- Figures: Bone
- Dimensions: 29.8cm L x 17.5cm W x 2.5cm H
- Weight: 290g
- Main Material: Silicone
- Size Indication: L (Large)
- Material Group: Silicone
- Purpose: Distract
- Washable: Yes
- Type Washing Instructions: Dishwasher safe
- Anti-slip: Yes
- Weather-/Water-/IP-Resistant: Yes
- Type Weather-/Water-/IP-Resistance: Waterproof