Flamingo Fura Cat Hair Remover White/Grey 32.5x7.5x5.2cm

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Flamingo Fura Hair Remover comes in a sleek white and grey design. Crafted from durable plastic, this essential tool makes removing pet hair and fuzz from your clothes, carpets, and furniture a breeze. Its double-sided brush ensures no strand goes unnoticed. Ditch the wasteful adhesive sheets for good – Hair Remover Fura is eco-friendly and budget-conscious. Cleaning up is hassle-free: just place the brush in its holder or empty the removable collection tray at the bottom. Simplify your cleaning routine with this must-have addition.

Product Features:
- Material: plastic
- Removes hair from clothing, carpets, and furniture with ease.
- Utilises a dual-sided brush
- Durable: less need for sticky sheets to be wasted
- Placing the brush in the holder makes it simple to clean.
- Has a bottom collection pan that can be removed for simple emptying.

Technical details/ Specifications:
Double sided, Durable, Easy to clean, Quick and easy to use, With removable collection tray