Flamingo Fine Detangling Rotating 31 Pins Cat Comb

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Elevate your feline friend's grooming experience with the Flamingo Fine Detangling Rotating 31 Pins Cat Comb. Crafted from planet-friendly bamboo, this comb is a must-have for every cat's coat. The innovative rotating teeth untangle knots without any pulling, making grooming a breeze. Suitable for all coat types, this comb ensures a gentle touch with rounded teeth that also protect your cat's sensitive skin. Durable and eco-friendly, it's a grooming essential that cares for your pet and the environment.

Transform your cat's grooming routine with the Flamingo Fine Detangling Rotating 31 Pins Cat Comb – where sustainability meets effective functionality.

Product Features:

- Material: Crafted from eco-friendly bamboo for a sustainable and planet-conscious grooming experience.
- Rotating Teeth: The comb features 31 rotating teeth that expertly untangle knots in the undercoat without causing any discomfort.
- Hair Removal: In addition to detangling, the comb efficiently removes loose hairs, keeping your cat's coat clean and healthy.
- Suitable for All Coat Types: Versatile enough for cats with any coat type, making it an essential tool for every cat owner.
- Skin Protection: The rounded teeth not only facilitate smooth grooming but also provide a protective barrier for your cat's delicate skin.

Technical Details/Specifications:

- Suitable for: Any coat type
- Stage of Life: All ages
- Description: Comb
- Animal/Breed: Cat
- Breed Size: All sizes
- Indoor/Outdoor Use: Both
- Flamingo Quality Label: First Class Selection
- Colour: Brown
- Dimensions: 21.5cm L x 5.5cm W x 1.5cm H
- Weight: 70g
- Main Material: Bamboo
- Features Care: Disentangle knots, Disentangle without pulling, Eco-friendly, Removes dust, dirt, and loose hairs
- Type of Comb: Comb
- Rotating Pins: Yes


Grooming your cat is a pleasure with the Flamingo Fine Detangling Rotating 31 Pins Cat Comb. Simply glide the comb through your cat's coat, allowing the rotating teeth to effortlessly untangle knots and remove loose hairs. The rounded teeth ensure a gentle touch, protecting your cat's skin during the grooming process. Suitable for cats of all sizes and ages, this comb is a versatile addition to your pet care routine, offering eco-friendly grooming with a touch of innovation.