Flamingo Bristle Brush Babu Cat Small

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Introducing the Flamingo Bristle Brush Babu Cat Small – a bamboo grooming treasure designed to bring out the best in your feline friend's coat. Crafted from planet-friendly bamboo, this brush is not just a grooming tool; it's an eco-conscious choice for cat lovers.
Watch as your cat's coat transforms into a wonderfully soft and shiny masterpiece, all while contributing to a sustainable planet. Suitable for cats with both short and long fur, this brush is the epitome of gentle care and environmental responsibility.
Elevate your cat's grooming routine with the Flamingo Bristle Brush Babu Cat Small – where softness meets sustainability.

Product Features:
- Material: Crafted from planet-friendly bamboo, showcasing our commitment to eco-conscious pet care.
- Soft and Shiny Coat: The bristles work their magic, making your cat's coat wonderfully soft and brilliantly shiny.
- Loose Hair Removal: In addition to enhancing shine, the bristles effectively remove loose hair, keeping your cat's coat tidy.
- Versatile Use: Suitable for cats with both short and long fur, accommodating a variety of breeds and coat lengths.

Technical Details/Specifications:
- Animal: Cat
- Breed Size: All sizes
- Indoor/Outdoor Use: Both
- Flamingo Quality Label: First Class Selection
- Colour: Brown
- Dimensions: 19cm L x 5.2cm W x 3.3cm H
- Weight: 50g
- Main Material: Bamboo
- Size Indication: S (Small)
- Features Care: Eco-friendly, Removes dust, dirt, and loose hairs, Shiny coat, Soft
- Type of Brush and/or Comb: Brush

Using the Flamingo Bristle Brush Babu Cat Small is a delightful experience for both you and your feline companion. Gently brush through your cat's coat, allowing the bristles to work their magic, making the fur wonderfully soft and shiny.
The brush also effectively removes any loose hairs, contributing to a cleaner and healthier coat. Suitable for cats of all sizes and ages, this eco-friendly brush is a testament to our commitment to providing gentle care while being environmentally responsible.