Flamingo Anti-Hairball Oat Fibres & Malt Cat Paste

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Introducing the Flamingo Anti-Hariball Oat Fibres & Malt Cat Paste 100g – the purr-fect solution for your cat's hairball concerns! Carefully crafted with a blend of oat fibers and malt, this paste provides optimal care for your feline friend.
Give your cat the care it deserves with Flamingo's Anti-Hariball Cat Paste – because a happy cat is a healthy cat!

Product Features:
- Hairball Defence: Forms a slippery layer around swallowed hairs, preventing hairball formation.
- Versatile Care: Effectively removes existing hairballs and aids with stomach complaints, constipation, and bad breath.
- Moulting Support: Ideal for use during the moulting period, ensuring your cat's well-being.
- Irresistible Flavour: Infused with the delicious taste of salmon, making it an enjoyable treat for your cat.
- Suitable for All Ages: Safe and beneficial for cats of all sizes, including kittens.
- General Features: Helps against bad breath, Helps with constipation, Helps with stomach problems, Prevents the formation of hairballs, Removes existing hairballs

Technical details/ Specifications:
- Suitable for: Cats of all sizes, including kittens
- Use: Indoor
- Flavour: Salmon
- Type of Snack: Paste
- Dispenser Type: Tube
- Closure: Yes
- Type of Closure: Cap

- Storage Advice: Store for 12 months