Arab Land Trading L.L.C was established in 2001 by an animal loving family that run the business today strictly with pets’ best interests and well being in mind.

The concept of Arab Land Trading L.L.C developed when the family realized and became aware of the true lack of Premium Pet Food products available for their own precious pets. The inaccessibility of Premium Pet Food implied that most pets (including their own) were unable to reach their full potential, and others that had specific veterinary ailments (such as renal failure, obesity, dermalogical disorders….) did not get the best possible nutritional care available.

Arab Land Trading hence introduced the world renowned Premium Pet Food Products: Iams & Eukanuba. The whole range of everyday maintenance diets for both cats and dogs as well as the special Eukanuba Veterinary Diets was introduced.

E-mails, letters and wonderful heart rendering stories from grateful and appreciative pet owners have encouraged the family to continue and grow the business. Arab Land Trading L.L.C has now evolved into a major wholesaler in the pet industry. Not only to include pet food in its catalogue, but hundreds of other pet accessory items including shampoos, beds, leads, collars, hygiene products… from the world renowned names such as Savic, Flamingo, Rogz, Ruffwear, PetProject, Hunter, Zolux, United Pets…

Arab Land Trading L.L.C is still run and continues to run under the same philosophy of which it was established: ‘To set standards in the Pet industry, by providing our beloved pets with the best possible quality and range of products that they so deserve’.